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Industrial park expansion in the works

Farmington's industrial park is poised for expansion, but only time will tell when that will happen and what types of businesses will come.

Consultants for the city of Farmington are in negotiations with four landowners who own a combined 300 acres of land north of County Road 50 and west of Pilot Knob Road. The negotiations are going well, said community development administrative assistant Lisa Dargis, but it is very early in the process.

The land in question has been identified in the city's 2030 Comprehensive Plan update as an area of future industrial expansion. At this point, Dargis said, the landowners are receptive.

"There's a lot of different options out there," Dargis said. "We're still in the beginning stages. We're working out the details to see what will be the best case scenario in terms of timing and funding and handling -- or the long term management -- of the property."

Though the general area of expansion has been identified, it is too soon to tell how many separate lots will be created on the land. The idea is to keep the layout of the future industrial park expansion flexible, so if an investor expresses interest the city can tweak the property's enhancements. General infrastructure will be built to some of the property, but where exact lines will be drawn are still being determined.

"We can't anticipate what size they will need or what their desired layout will be. Ideally, we will want infrastructure to the industrial park, but then we'll work with anybody coming in," Dargis said.

Because the negotiations are going better than expected, the process is moving along faster than the consultants had originally thought. For that reason, the consultants are developing a revised cost estimate for the project scope and concept layout.

Once some of the finer details are ironed out, the city will begin marketing the land. Dargis said the community development department is putting together a folder of information that will be sent out once the industrial park is ready for expansion.