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For now, Oasis has gone dry

A dispute with a gas supplier will keep the doors closed for the immediate future at Oasis Market on Highway 3.

The gas station and convenience store closed April 22 when the pumps ran dry. Signs in the window announce the lack of fuel and explain that the store is closed for "reorganization."

Facilities manager Dan Price would not discuss the nature of the dispute, but he said without gas in the pumps it didn't make sense to keep the convenience store portion of the business open.

Without gas, he said, people don't tend to stop for groceries.

"You upset more people, and we don't make enough money to cover the labor," Price said.

Price said he hopes to have the dispute resolved and be open again within a few weeks.

"I'm hoping sooner than later, but it's hard to say," he said.

This is a difficult time for gas stations. With many people concerned about their budgets and driving less there is less business at the pumps. Price said the past winter was difficult.

"Everything adds up," he said.