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Occasionally Yours boutique and consignment store opened Oct. 18

Joyce Christensen, left, and Shelly Gaetz will open Occasionally Yours Thursday at 310 Oak Street. The boutique and consignment store will be open from Thursday through Sunday on the third weekend of the month.

The word fun comes up a lot when Joyce Christensen and Shelly Gaetz discuss their new business. They want to create a fun atmosphere, they say, with fun products where fun people can come and shop and, you know, have fun.

The result of their efforts, a one-weekend-a-month boutique and consignment shop called Occasionally Yours, is scheduled to open Thursday.

Let the fun begin.

Christensen and Gaetz have been talking for a while about their new business venture. Both have day jobs at Lakeview Elementary School in Lakeville, but each has also run a successful business on her own. They had talked about starting small with Occasionally Yours. They considered a rented condo space. But the more they talked, and the more other sellers they found, the bigger the plan got. When they found a vacant spot in downtown Farmington, surrounded by similar boutiques, it seemed like a perfect fit.

Christensen and Gaetz have already been in touch with some of the other downtown business owners, and they're excited about the opportunities that come from having so many similar businesses nearby.

"It's a very accommodating city," Christensen said. "It's a cute downtown. We've had tons of people poking their heads in."

The offerings at Occasionally Yours are a mix of things Christensen and Gaetz bought and things brought in by the vendors they've signed up. They have a collection of 24 vendors, mostly friends and friends of friends, ready to sell jewelry, stained glass, purses and other things. Much of it is repurposed. There are pillows made from sweaters, a wine rack made from a rake and a headboard that used to be the door of a chicken coop.

Many of the vendors are people who created their projects as a hobby but hadn't considered selling them until Occasionally Yours offered them the opportunity.

"You can't find this stuff at the big retailers," Christensen said. "That's what appeals to the customers."

Christensen and Gaetz should have a good idea what appeals to shoppers at occasional markets like theirs. They are both regulars at such sales.

The offerings in the store will change for each month's sale, so shoppers will have something new to discover each time they come.

"We want to be something for everybody," Gaetz said.

Christensen and Gaetz have been working hard to get everything ready for this week's opening. They've gotten a lot of help from their husbands, and earlier this week they were putting the finishing touches on their displays. It's a lot of work, but it's also been a lot of, well, you know.

"It is really fun, and the people are fun and the people we anticipate coming in here are fun," Christensen said. "We just want this to be a fun experience."

Occasionally Yours is located at 310 Oak St. in downtown Farmington. It will be open from Thursday through Sunday on the third weekend of the month. Hours are 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Thursday, 9 to 5 Friday and Saturday and 11 to 5 Sunday.

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Nathan Hansen

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