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Furniture store will open Nov. 23 downtown Farmington

Dave Smithcamp was hard at work Monday getting things set up in his new Farmington furniture store. The store is located at 305 Elm St.

Dave Smithcamp believes he was born to be a salesman, and it's hard to argue. Ever since he finished high school, he's made his living selling furniture.

Now, he's bringing his business to Farmington.

Smithcamp never went to college. After his high school graduation he got a job working for Slumberland. After a few years there, he moved on to a company called Mattress Value Superstores.

There was nothing in particular that drew Smithcamp to furniture. At least in the beginning that just happened to be where he found a job. But it seems to have worked out for him.

"It's kind of where I ended up," he said. "Everybody needs furniture."

Eventually, Smithcamp got tired of doing things the way other people wanted to do them. He went out on his own, and for the past 12 years he's owned retail furniture stores in Bloomington, Blaine and St. Louis Park. He's also made some forays into selling furniture online.

Now, he wants to try something new. On Nov. 23, Smithcamp will open Wholesale Furniture Direct in downtown Farmington. The store will offer scratch-and-dent and overstock furniture at low prices. The furniture comes from local vendors.

Smithcamp's other stores are closed now. He said he got tired of what he called the "retail game." This new Farmington store is Smithcamp's focus now.

Smithcamp, who lives in Bloomington, found his new Farmington location by chance. He was coming home from a sales trip and saw the space, which is attached to Linn's Carpet. He peeked through the windows and liked what he saw.

"It was neat that it was attached to a carpet shop," he said.

Linn's had used the space for its own displays before contracting its operation.

Smithcamp has been working hard for the past two weeks to get the space ready. The process has gone quickly, he said. On Monday, delivery crews were unloading couches, love seats and bed frames as Smithcamp directed traffic, sending one item to the front corner of the store, another somewhere else. There was still a lot of work to do, but Smithcamp said he's launched enough stores he's confident things will come together in time for opening day.

While his focus for most of his career has been on mattresses, Smithcamp is branching out with his new store.

"I'll have bunk beds and nice mattresses and ... easy chairs and futons," he said. "I'll have a little area for the kids, a Wii set up. I have some really sharp pricing on my stuff. Pricing most people have never seen. My pricing will be really hard to beat."

Nathan Hansen

Nathan Hansen has been a reporter and editor with the Farmington Independent and the Rosemount Town Pages since 1997. He is very tall.

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