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Flooring with a focus on family in Farmington

Mason and Tina Buus are pictured with their daughter, Taylor and foster sons Jeremiah and Emilio. The couple recently opened Affordable Flooring in Farmington.

Carpet installation has always been a family business for Mason Buus, and it’s a sudden expansion of his own family that has led Buus to take the next step in that business.

On Saturday Buus and his wife, Tina, opened Affordable Flooring in Farmington. The storefront, located at 18350 Pilot Knob Road, is an expansion of Total Image Flooring, the in-home flooring sales business Buus started in 2010 after 15 years of working with his father in the carpet installation business.

It was Buus’ father who got him interested in the flooring business in the first place. Buus grew up watching his dad install carpet. There’s a story about him going along on a job when he was 2 years old and sitting in a bucket of glue. He started working with his dad at the age of 14.

Buus tried some other jobs after high school. He drove school buses and spent about eight months working in a welding shop. But there was something about carpet that kept drawing him back.

“Dad did it,” Buus said. “A lot of boys just follow Dad around.”

Buus has worked full-time with his father for the past 15 years. He’s known for most of that time he eventually wanted to go into business for himself, but an unexpected family situation helped move things along. Mason and Tina have a 20-year-old son and a 13-year-old daughter, but they recently became foster parents of two younger boys, ages 6 and 10 months. They hope to eventually adopt the boys.

That means some changes in the family’s life. They wanted to make sure they could be around as much as possible to take care of the boys. To that end, their new shop has a nursery. Tina, who will run the storefront on a day-to-day basis, will take care of the kids there. There’s also a spot where the family can eat dinner together if they’re not able to get home to the kitchen table.

The couple started looking for a space for Affordable Flooring about a year ago. They needed something that would work for the business, but it also had to be local.

“The numbers had to make sense. That was the biggest thing,” Buus said. “It was trying to stay close to home. We didn’t want to have to travel a couple towns over.”

They signed the lease on their north Farmington space a month ago and have been busy ever since getting things ready. On Saturday, they celebrated their grand opening with family, boxes of delivery pizza spread out on a table while people milled around and talked.

They’re excited to see the reaction to the new space. The pre-holiday season is typically busy for flooring installers as people get ready for the arrival of family.

“Right now we know we can do it,” Tina Buus said. “Once we’re up and running we can do it as long as Farmington likes us.”

If the city welcomes them the way they hope, they might eventually be able to let Buus’ father retire from installing and run the shop for them. A family business come full circle.

Nathan Hansen

Nathan Hansen has been a reporter and editor with the Farmington Independent and the Rosemount Town Pages since 1997. He is very tall.

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