Boys' jokes make the cut


Joshua and Evan Christensen of Farmington are young, published authors.

They're funny, too.

The Christensens, ages 10 and 8, submitted jokes for new joke books sponsored by the UnitedHealthcare Children's Foundation, which publishes the books to raise money to help families pay for children's uncovered medical expenses. The Christensens' jokes were selected from nominations that came in from around the country.

The book titles are "Cool Jokes for Summer," "Sweets, Treats & Eats Jokes," and "Holiday, Celebration & Birthday Jokes." They have been recently released to coincide with National Literacy Month in September. The books are geared for children ages 4-12, but can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The books are available on Amazon for $5.99 each.

"We're all familiar with the wise adage that laughter is the best medicine, and so is the comfort in knowing that your child's medical condition is being treated and paid for," said UHCCF President Matt Peterson. "These kid-inspired joke books will bring many laughs and will help many families struggling with medical costs."

Joshua Christensen's joke was:

"What do you call a black-eyed Susan without the dark center of the flower?"


Evan Christensen's joke was:

"Why did the dinosaur take a shower?

"Because he exSTINKED."