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Looking back: A cornerstone ceremony was set at St. John's Lutheran Church in 1938

50 years ago

From the July 25, 1963 edition of The Dakota County Tribune

Prize winners in Rosemount kiddie parade

Prize winners in Rosemount's Kiddie Parade during last Saturday's Crazy day are listed by the American Legion, which conducted the parade, as follows.

Group float: first - Lee Ann Smith, Marlene Sellner, Stephanie Olsen and Becky Koth; second - Rosemary Kane, Steve Mardell and Kathy McDonough; third - Michele Galdonik, Delores Melby, Michele Docken, Glen Docken, Michael Champ and Rita Melby; fourth - Julie and Lynn Sisson; fifth - Peggy, Randy and Harry Meyers.

Single girls: first - Patty Fairbrother, second - Jackie Herrick, third - Cindy Duff.

Single boys: first - Stephanie Olsen, second - Ronnie Harris, third - Lynn Nessel.

Three new teachers appointed at FHS

Three new teachers have been appointed at the Farmington school, according to Supt. R.O. Boehlke.

Miss Barbara Dixon, Minneapolis, now completing her requirements for a degree at the University of Minnesota, was appointed to one of the first grade vacancies here.

Miss Faith Bakken, also of Minneapolis and a graduate of Augsburg College in Minneapolis, was appointed to a sixth grade vacancy. . . .

Arnold Wells, a native of Clinton, Minnesota, and a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota, with a master's degree in the field of agriculture economics, signed a contract effective August 1 to be the vocational agriculture instructor here.

Farmington School Board holds reorganization meet

Richard Beyer, Dean Empey and Robert Stegmaier.

The First National Bank of Farmington was again designated as depository for school funds and the Dakota County Tribune was named the legal paper for the district. The treasurer's bond was set at $25,000.

Judge studies briefs in liquor store eviction

Opposing attorneys in the court case over eviction of the Rosemount municipal liquor store from a building owned by Matthew Huerta were ordered at a hearing last Wednesday to submit briefs to the court on arguments concerning jurisdiction of the district court to try the case.

District Judge William C. Christianson, after studying the briefs, will either set a trial date or send the case back to municipal court where it originated.

The case concerns a difference of opinion on whether or not there exists a verbal agreement to rent the building to the village of Rosemount for a period of a year at $200 a month.

Huerta, through his attorney Jerome Daly, denies such an agreement while the village attorney, Edward B. McMenomy, argues the agreement does exist.

The presentation currently before the district court in Hastings, however, is just to decide the right of the district court to hear the case.

75 years ago

From the July 29, 1938 edition of The Dakota County Tribune

AG instructor explains course

Agr. I, Agr. II, Agr. III and Agr. IV. . . .

Each boy is expected to carry on a program of farm practice which has as its aim a means of providing a cash income and also to make a contribution toward the improvement of the farm.

The projects are divided into productive and improvement projects. The productive projects include any enterprise on the farm that can be carried on as a means of earning money. The improvement projects include such activities as keeping milk production records and testing for butterfat, beautifying the homestead and improving the woodlot. The student is also given credit for planning and carrying on approved practices such as culling the poultry flock, treating seed grain for smuts, feeding balanced rations, testing soil for acidity. . . .

We believe that the program for teaching vocational agriculture in Minnesota is superior to that of our neighboring states. . . .

There is a splendid opportunity here in Farmington to develop a strong program of vocational agriculture. We know that we will have the finest cooperation in developing this program.

Sue to have old bridge repaired

An alternative writ of mandamus has been served upon the Village of Farmington and members of the village council to compel the village to repair the "Old Wagon Bridge" located on the road between the west end of Main Street and the Goulty farm.

The action was commenced by Ray C. Deegan and Arthur J. Goulty who own farms primarily affected by the closing of the bridge on or about October 4, 1937. It is their contention that the road, including the bridge, is a duly established public highway and it is the duty and obligation of the village to keep the same in repair. They further allege in their petition that although they have frequently requested that the bridge be repaired, the village council has failed and refused to do so.

On October 4, 1937, the village council on motion passed a resolution closing the bridge due to the fact that is was unsafe for public travel. The matter will be heard before Judge. W.A. Schultz at Hastings on August 16, 1938. . . .

The mayor said if the bridge is made safe it will be necessary for the village to erect a new bridge. The bridge was repaired by W.P.A. labor sometime ago, he said.

Cornerstone to be laid Sunday at Rosemount

Cornerstone laying services will be held at Rosemont, Sunday morning at the St. John's Lutheran Church recently moved there from Nichols.

The congregation will meet at 11:00 a.m. at the Rosemount Methodist Church for a short service and they they will go to their own church building, where the basement is nearing completion. The pastor, Rev. W.J. Pilgrim will have charge of the service. The trustees will present the articles to be placed into the stone to the pastor, who in turn will present them to the mason, Mr. C. Luecke, who will seal the articles with mortor. The dedication of the stone will then take place.

Four injured in auto collision

15 Wednesday afternoon. . . .

The Rosemount physician was driving north in his Ford V8 and was making a lefthand turn to go west to the Perl Kemp farm when the crash occurred with a Ford V8 driven from the north by B.F. Bambenek, vice president of the First National Bank of Spring Valley. According to state patrolmen, marks on the pavement indicated the banker's auto tires slid 75 feet before the crash. Both cars stopped parallel with the black line in the center of the pavement.

Wm. Gannon and MacPhee's ambulance brought the injured to Community hospital. In the bankers' car were Mrs. Bambenek. . . .

The banker had an injured left arm and head. Dr. Flores apparently suffered no injury.

The right fronts of both cars were quite badly damaged.

100 years ago

From the July 25, 1913 edition of The Dakota County Tribune

Dr. Perry will build

Dr. Ralph St. J. Perry, who for nearly 20 years has maintained his office at his residence, has at least decided to get into the game "good and proper," and has started to build a downtown office building on the lot between Troll's Hotel and the City Hall. Work began Tuesday morning and the doctor expects to be settled in his new quarters by September 1.

The building will be of cement construction with reception and consultation rooms with laboratory, two treatment rooms and workshop, and will be equipped with the necessary apparatus for giving all kinds of electrical and other treatments used in curing chronic diseases. The building will be supplied with water, electric lights and hot water heat and thoroughly up to date for its purposes.


Ida Warweg and Michael Ryan motored to St. Paul Saturday.

Laura Haynes of St. Paul is visiting at her home here.

C.C. McCarthy spent Sunday at his home in St. Paul.

Genieve Gibson, Louise Hagemeister and Margaret Heinen spent Sunday and Monday in Minneapolis.

Margaret Hynes, Irene Hogan, Jess McCarthy and Tim Jones spent Sunday in Minneapolis.

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