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Farmington Business Association Block Party is Saturday

Jimi Brown of Farmington believes cars are meant to be driven. He’ll have both his collector vehicles at the Farmington Business Association Block Party Saturday, July 22, 2017. Kara Hildreth / Contributor

The 10th Farmington Business Association's Block Party and Car Show rolls into downtown Saturday night, July 22.

Josh Solinger, president of FBA and event co-chair, said each year guest attendance grows due to word of mouth and connections with social media. Each year the downtown streets are filled to capacity with 150 to 200 cars.

"Year after year, we get more traction with social media and word of mouth wise and we look forward to it — it is our way of giving something back to the community and offering something fun that families can enjoy together," Solinger said.

As the business-to-business sales manager at Pellicci Ace Hardware, Solinger said grows because the community put on a quality event.

"The cool thing about the car show is that it is not a super big event, but it is a fun time to hang out and not everyone is a car person but everyone likes to come and look at cars and everybody can get into that," Solinger said.

Same-day registration begins at 4 p.m. The awards ceremony will be at 8 p.m.

As a FBA member since 2010, Solinger said he now realizes how the car community is a small world and those who attend car shows are a tightknit group who are all passionate about cars.

One local car guy who loves cars is Jimi Brown, who admits to holding passion for cars that have a few miles on them.

Leading as event co-chair for five years, Brown stepped in to help when Doug Pedersen, owner of Pedersen Auto in Farmington, decided to pass the wrench to a new leader.

Co-owner of Impact Auto Repair in Farmington, Brown said he looks forward to the event each year although planning gets rolling early in February as connections are made to gather event sponsors.

Family tradition

Growing up with a father who loved cars — Corvettes, in this case — Brown, 42, has found an affinity with classic cars built and engineered before his time.

Proud off his collectible black 1928 Ford Model A sedan, Brown said he hopes to pass down this piece of history to one of his children.

"I fell in love with it and added rims and tires and I wanted it to look 'post war,' like it had been sitting in a field or barn and some guys took off the fenders and running boards - that was the look I was going for with the car," he said.

Brown modified his muted black Model A with a high-powered motor and transmission from a 1968 Mustang. Upgrades included new brakes and suspension to give it the classic car a more hot rod appeal that also added to the vehicle's safety.

"I always enjoyed mid-'50s and older cars because they bring me back to a simpler time period when cars had more character during the post war period and were owned by guys coming home from war and wanted to modify them," Brown said.

Brown and his wife decided to invest in another classic car as their family expanded. They could no longer fit their young children into the Ford Model A, so they found a car with a big trunk to fit strollers and a big cooler. No, it was not a minivan or a crossover.

The Browns wanted a 1950s Chevy four-door manufactured more than 60 years ago.

Today the Browns can easily pack into this cool aqua 1955 Chevy 210 model to attend area car shows. The car is roomy with a classic white top and rolls in with show stopping, white wide wall tires. This car may stop traffic with its shiny chrome, cool hood ornament and paint color reminiscent of a happy time in our country's history.

Brown says people literally stop him and share stories about how they remember grandma generations ago sitting behind a big steering wheel and driving a Chevy of this vintage.

"I was looking for a four-door like this one but it is rare because a lot of people do not think it is cool because the two-door is more appealing," he said. In fact, many four-door Chevy classic cars were turned into scrap metal.

"I think they are meant to be driven and I will drive them when I go to get my hair cut and I will drive them as often as I can and take them to work two or three days a week," Brown said.

Looking forward to the block party, Brown will be parking his two cars in downtown Farmington Saturday night.

The party

Three mobile food trucks will serve American, Italian and Mexican entrees.

Five Day Forecast will play in front of city hall. The band plays popular songs from 1970s, '80s and '90s.

"I would encourage everyone to come out and have a great time and bring their families and bring their pets because it will be a great event. We want to thank the community for its support and we want to support them as well," Solinger said.

The FBA will hold Hot Rods and Hardware Aug. 12 at Pellicci Ace Hardware store.