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Empire Township Water Resources

Friday, May 15, 2009 - 3:20pm


empire Township

Dakota County, Minnesota


establishing water resources

management permit requirments and performance


The Board of Supervisors of Empire Township approved the following ordinance summary for publication:

Section 1 Title. States the title of the ordinance is the Water Resources Management Ordinance or "this Ordinance."

Section 2 Purposes. Explains the various purposes of the Ordinance, including improving water quality and the protection of the public healthy, safety and welfare.

Section 3 Scope and Authority. Explains the scope and authority of the Ordinance and certain referral and submittal requirements to the Vermillion River Watershed Joint Powers Organization (VRWJOP).

Section 4 Definitions. Includes the application and interpretation of the Ordinance and definition of terms and phrases used in the Ordinance.

Section 5 Stormwater Management. Identifies the permitting requirements and various standards for stormwater management, including erosion and sedimentation control, temperature controls, and monitoring.

Section 6 Wetland Managment. Clarifies the permitting requirements for wetland impacts and mitigation.

Section 7 Wetland and Waterway Buffers. Identifies the requirements for establishing vegetative buffers along wetlands and waterways.

Section 8 Floodplain Alteration. Clarifies the permitting requirements and standards for any floodplain alterations.

Section 9 Drainage Alteration. Clarifies the permitting requirements and standards for any drainage alterations.

Section 10 Applications, Permit Fees, Escrows, and Surety. Identifies application, fees, and financial requirments for land disturbance permits.

Section 11 Appeals and Variances. Clarifies the procedures for appeals and variances.

Section 12 Amendments. Identifies the procedure to amend the Ordinance.

Section 13 Abrogation and Stricter Provisions. Clarifies that new easements required in the Ordinance do not impact existing easements of record, and clarifies the stricter of any provisions in conflict with other ordinances applies.

Section 14 Violations and Penalties. Identifies civil and criminal remedies and penalties for any violations of the Ordinance.

Section 15 Severability. Clarifies if any provision of the Ordinance is found to be invalid by a court, such ruling does not affect any other provisions of the Ordinance.

Section 16 Effective Date. This Ordinance will take effect and be in force after its passage and official publication.

Adopted this 14th day of April, 2009 by the Board of Supervisors of Empire Township, Dakota County, Minnesota.

Kathleen B. Krippner

Township Clerk