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BB gun in park draws police attention

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crime and courts Farmington, 55024

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They say boys will be boys.

And boy, was there some excitement in Farmington's Tamarack Park last week.

Farmington police officer Nate Siem took a call for assault with a BB gun after two groups of boys had a scuffle in the park.


It seems two groups of boys -- Farmington police chief Brian Lindquist said they were around 10 or 11 years old -- were both in the park that Sunday afternoon. An altercation began between the two groups. One set of kids was eating lunch under the park's pavilion when the argument started.

According to Siem's report, the kids who had been eating lunch started to chase the other group of boys. Then, they threw food at the second group of boys.

The second group -- made up of three boys -- went to a nearby home where one of the three lived. There, they retrieved a BB gun. They returned to the park, and started shooting BBs at the boys who had chased them earlier.

Two of the boys on the receiving end of the BBs were struck in the leg and got small, red welts where the BBs hit. A girl in their group was hit in the thumb. A parent of one of the kids who was hit by the BBs called police.

According to his report, Siem found the three boys who had used the BB gun near Camden Path. He talked to the boys and asked if they had a BB gun or airsoft gun. They said yes, and turned it over to Siem.

Officer Siem met with the parent who had called in the report, who was concerned his son may experience some retaliation at school. Siem then went to the home of the boy who owned the BB gun and spoke with his mother. The boys were told not to return to the park, and not to have any contact with the other kids.

The incident was filed as a weapons report, but no charges were filed.