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CapX power line work has started in Eureka Township, Dakota County

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After years of discussion, the CapX2020 power line construction project has arrived in Dakota County.

Work on the 345kV transmission line that will eventually run from Brookings County, S.D. to Hampton started in Eureka Township in late September. When completed, the Brookings County/Hampton project will stretch 245 miles.


According to the CapX2020 website, single pole structures are being used to reduce impact to the land. The poles are between 140 and 170 feet tall, and are being spaced 800 to 1,000 feet apart.

Right now, Eureka Township supervisor Mark Ceminsky said, the CapX2020 construction crews are in a section of the township where the work is visible, but not easily accessible.

As the roads supervisor for the township, Ceminsky is working with Brian Watson from the Dakota County Soil and Water Conservation District to keep an eye on the impact of the project. Ceminsky monitors the road conditions near the project, while Watson’s role is to make sure the project doesn’t impact wetland areas in the township.

In order to prepare for the heavy trucks and equipment being run in and out of the project area, the township was asked to put down limestone on the haul route. Just to be safe, Ceminsky checks on the roads around the project area on a weekly basis. He’s also following up on any complaints he hears from residents.

Crews are working on several sections of the line to run through the township simultaneously, Ceminsky said. In full, the new power line will run approximately six miles through the township, then connect into the next section in Castle Rock Township.

Completion of Eureka Township’s section should come sometime in the summer of next year.

“They have to put the poles up, string the line, and restore the project area. They figure about a year from start to finish,” Ceminsky said. “It’s going to change the scope and the look of the township, because you’re going to have poles that are 150 feet in the air. But that’s just part of progress, I guess.”