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Church puts its building up for sale

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Church puts its building up for sale
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A leaky roof is forcing Farmington's New Heights Christian Fellowship out of its home.

The church opened its doors in 2004 in the former Farmington Lutheran Church building on Walnut Street, but in recent weeks a for-sale sign has shown up on the church's lawn. A sign on the door says the building is closed for renovations, but pastor Josh Hampsher said the church is no longer interested in fixing the roof and the interior damage caused by the leaks.

"We had toyed with the idea of renovating it and staying there, but after discussing the issue with our elders and our district, we decided to sell the building," Hampsher said.

Hampsher didn't get to spend much time in the former church building. He took over about seven weeks ago after founding pastor Mike Barnett moved back to California.

The church will remain in Farmington, Hampsher said. For the time being, New Heights is meeting at the Rambling River Center at 325 Oak St.

Nathan Hansen
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