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City administrator gets passing grades

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news Farmington, 55024

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Moving in to his fourth year with the city of Farmington, city administrator Peter Herlofsky seems to be doing just what he's expected to.


According to the results of his recent performance review, Herlofsky is meeting the expectations of the five Farmington City Council members. Herlofsky's review was held Feb. 22, in a closed meeting prior to the regular economic development authority meeting.

Though the city administrator evaluation itself - when the council sits down to do the review - is a closed meeting, Minnesota's open meeting law requires a detailed summary and conclusion of the evaluation at the next regular meeting of that body. In this case, that meant city attorney Joel Jamnik included his summary in the March 1 agenda.

Prior to the evaluation, council members were asked to fill out evaluation forms, each ranking Herlofsky's performance in 17 various areas on a scale of 1-9. Scores of 1-3 were categorized as "below expectations," 4-6 were "meets expectations," and 7-9 were "exceeds expectations."

An average score was drawn on each of the areas of assessment. All of Herlofsky's marks were in the "meets expectations" range. The lowest mark, a 4.6 came under the category of initiative, while the highest, a 6.8, came in the stress management category. He earned a 6.0 in the areas of quality of work, time management, ethics and professionalism, accepts responsibility and budget.

According to Jamnik's report, each council member also gave his or her own analysis of the review and identified areas of concern or commendation. Overall, they identified three areas for improvement: council/administrator relations, team-building and communications; providing clearer recommendations; and concentrating on economic development issues in the city.

Herlofsky's fourth anniversary is May 1. In May, 2009, the city council approved a three-year extension to his contract. That extension guarantees a $5,000 pay raise in 2010, 2011, and 2012. Under that agreement, Herlofsky is earning $125,000 in 2010.