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City of Farmington starts budget discussions Monday

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Farmington finance director Robin Hanson is not ready to make any projections when it comes to the 2015 budget and levy. But give it a month or two, and she’ll have a much better handle on both.


The Farmington City Council will meet with Hanson and city staff on Monday to start the 2015 budget process. Hanson is working with city staff this week, to develop a list of priorities for each department. She’ll bring that list of proposed expenditures, which will be the basis of the city’s general fund, to the workshop for council consideration.

Hanson is also going to present an overview of the city’s debt levy at the workshop.

At this week’s city council meeting, council members saw the first draft of a strategic plan that will also affect the city’s budget.

Hanson said she will not have the final numbers to present to council until the August workshop. That’s because some of the numbers that affect the budget, like state aid and fiscal disparities numbers, will not come in until later in the summer.

“We’re just getting the pieces of the puzzle together,” she said. “We haven’t even begun to put it together yet.”

The 2014 property tax levy was set at $8,739,856, and the city’s general fund budget was set at $10,969,831.

Council members will work through the budget process over the summer, Hanson said. A preliminary levy and budget is due to Dakota County in September, with final approval of the 2015 numbers scheduled for December.