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Farmington administrator gets good marks in first review

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news Farmington, 55024

Farmington Minnesota P.O. Box 192 / 312 Oak St. 55024

Farmington city administrator David McKnight is meeting the expectations of the Farmington City Council.

That's according to a summary of his recent six-month evaluation, conducted during closed session of the March 5 Farmington City Council meeting. While council members were allowed to close the meeting to conduct McKnight's review, Minnesota statute requires a written report of the evaluation be made public at the council's next regular meeting. McKnight's review was part of Monday's city council consent agenda.


According to the report, written by city attorney Joel Jamnik, McKnight discussed his first six months by focusing on issues addressed and goals met. He spent time talking about communication and the roles of the city administrator and city council members. He also addressed goals for the next six months, which includes the city's budget cycle.

The group also talked about the process used to conduct the annual city administrator review. The city uses a survey tool that allows council members to rate an administrator's performance on a scale of one to nine in several categories. Council members and McKnight talked about changing the ratings scale to simplify the process.

For their part, council members indicated McKnight was "meeting expectations." The goals of continuing with staffing revisions and reorganization; team building with staff, especially the management team; and meeting the communications and information needs of council members were listed. Additionally, the council directed McKnight to continue working on budget and service delivery issues.

McKnight will celebrate his first anniversary with the city of Farmington on Aug. 29. He is scheduled to receive his first pay adjustment at that time.