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Farmington men escape as truck slides into Mississippi

A tow truck pulls Jim Hunt's truck and trailer out of the Mississippi River after it slid in Monday morning.
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Farmington men escape as truck slides into Mississippi
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For good friends Randy Johnson and Jim Hunt, Monday morning was supposed to be spent floating on the St. Croix River and catching walleyes.

Instead, the two Farmington men escaped tragedy, then spent the new few hours watching from shore as crews fished their truck and trailer out of the water.

At 6 a.m., Hunt picked up Johnson and they traveled to the public boat launch in Hastings, located on the Mississippi River. They got the boat in the water, but it wouldn't start and they eventually drained the battery on the boat. To remedy that, Hunt drove his truck down the launch where he and Johnson planned to attempt to jump the boat's battery with the truck's battery.

For whatever reason, Hunt's truck slipped on the concrete boat launch and once that happened, it was hard to get it to stop.

"He tried to back out," Johnson said. "The truck just slid down the ramp. He tried to put it in reverse and go backwards, and it wasn't happening. When he hit the brakes, the truck kept sliding down the ramp. Next thing you know, it's on its way down."

Hunt tried opening his door to escape, but the water pressure was too great. He crawled out the truck's window and swam to shore.

"I was worried about him," Johnson said of Hunt. "Thank God he got out the window. I wasn't thinking about the truck and the trailer at that point. It was all too quick. My biggest fear was him."

The truck and trailer entered the water, floated for a few minutes, then sank.

The boat was eventually brought to shore and tied up.

Two divers from Dakota County underwater search and recovery team were brought in. The first, Jim Iliff, found the truck and the trailer and successfully attached chains to the trailer. Matt Wayne then went underwater and attached a chain to the truck.

The divers worked with drivers from Southeast Towing to come up with the plan for the operation. Once the chains were attached, the trailer and the truck were successfully removed from the water. The trailer had come unhitched, but its safety chains were still attached to the truck.

The ramp was especially slippery, Johnson said. While preparing to launch the boat, he slipped and fell on the launch.

"It's a lot slicker than it looks," he said.

Earlier this summer, the two-lane launch was reduced to just one lane because of poor conditions.

"Not just half of it should have been shut down," Johnson said. "It should have all been shut down. It's a hazard."

It was the first time they've tried using the launch in Hastings.

The truck was eventually towed to Hunt's son's house in Hastings.

"This definitely got my heart just rapidly beating," Johnson said. "I know that. It was like so fast, but at the same time it was like slow-motion."

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