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Farmington, Rosemount foreclosures down this year

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news Farmington, 55024

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Foreclosures across Dakota County are down by nearly 50 percent through October, according to recent numbers from the Dakota County Community Development Agency.


Likewise, Farmington and Rosemount have both seen a decrease in the number of homes subject to sheriff sales and notice of pendencies filed this year. The CDA tracks these numbers, which are provided by the Dakota County sheriff’s sales division.

In 2012, Farmington had a total of 123 sheriff sales, and Rosemount recorded 79. The latest numbers from the CDA show that, through the end of October this year, Farmington has registered 62 sheriff sales, and Rosemount has recorded 41.

Farmington had 241 notice of pendency filings in 2013. Rosemount had 161. The October numbers show Farmington with 94 notice of pendency filings to date, and Rosemount with 82.

The statistics look good to Farmington assistant city planner Tony Wippler.

“Our numbers are going down. Right now we’re just over 50 percent of where we were last year. We’re quite a bit down, which is a good thing,” Wippler said. “It really means the economy is stabilizing a little bit. I think the housing market is starting to rebound a little bit.”

Rosemount has had nine or fewer sheriff sales per month this year, according to the CDA’s numbers. There were no sheriff sales at all in April.

Farmington started the year with 16 sheriff sales in January, Wippler said, but that was the most of the year. The community only had two sheriff sales in July and September.

Overall, October saw the fewest sheriff sales of the year, with only 51 countywide. There were 142 sales in January, the most for any one month.

“It’s been a pretty steady drop throughout the year,” Wippler said. “Hopefully it continues.”