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Farmington will conduct wage study

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news Farmington, 55024
Farmington Minnesota P.O. Box 192 / 312 Oak St. 55024

The city of Farmington will spend $22,000 to find out how city employees are paid compared to their counterparts in other communities.


On Monday, the Farmington City Council approved a job evaluation study agreement with the company, Fox Lawson and Associates. FLA is used by many communities to do similar studies.

FLA will review all of the positions within the city of Farmington, and evaluate the wage scale associated with each position to make sure city employees are receiving fair wages and compensation. The project will also provide the city with a comparison of Farmington's positions and compensations against other communities.

According to Farmington city administrator David McKnight, it has been 11 years since the city last conducted a wage study. The city is moving on one now, he said, because the topic has come up during contract negotiations with the city's collective bargaining units.

The other reason for the study, McKnight said, is to review the city's merit pay program, which was established a decade ago. The merit pay program allows employees to earn more if they take on additional work responsibilities. However, due to budget constraints, that merit pay program has been frozen in recent years.

"If you're in it, you can't move up," McKnight said. "It's become an issue and an issue of concern for employees."

The study is expected to take a couple of months, but McKnight plans to make any necessary salary or compensation adjustments before the end of the year.