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Farmington's watering restrictions are in effect

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news Farmington, 55024

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With all these warm temperatures lately, it's easy to want green grass to replace the brown in most yards. And that's okay -- just as long as residents remember the city of Farmington has water restrictions in place.


It might seem like mid-March is a bit early for the watering restrictions, but city of Farmington municipal services coordinator Lena Larson says the restrictions are actually in place year round by the water board's policy.

The gentle reminder is posted on the city's website. It's something the city usually reminds residents about later in the spring, but this year's unusually warm temperatures nudged the process along just a bit.

"There haven't been any incidents," Larson said. "It's just because it's just sunny and beautiful outside."

The city's water use restrictions are in place to make sure there is ample drinking water for residents, and, especially at this time of the year, plenty of water for use if the fire department has to respond to a fire.

It's not unusual for communities to enforce water restrictions, Larson added.

Water use is not off limits entirely. Farmington's restrictions prohibit using sprinklers every day between noon and 6 p.m., but watering is allowed before or after those hours, on an odd-even rotation.

What that means, Larson said, is that residents who have addresses that end in an odd number can water on odd-numbered days. Residents of homes with even numbers can water on even days.

Residents can apply for a 21-day watering permit which will waive those restrictions, but only if they are watering sod or new seed.

The water restrictions do not limit use of children's water toys when children are present. It also allows for hand-watering with a garden hose and washing vehicles.

Information on the city of Farmington's water restrictions is available under the municipal services link on the city's website,