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FPD looking into unusual theft of copper wire

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news Farmington, 55024

Farmington Minnesota P.O. Box 192 / 312 Oak St. 55024

Farmington police are looking into a copper wire theft that may well fall under the "What will they think of next?" category.

In the middle of the night between June 17 and June 18, someone apparently stole copper line right out of the base of several light poles at Farmington High School and the McDonald's parking lot.


In both thefts, the thief or thieves removed the plates at the base of the poles, and cut into the copper wires, Farmington police detective sergeant Lee Hollatz said. They did the same to several poles in a row, then pulled the wire out from the base of the poles.

The thieves cut into eight poles at the high school. The poles are located behind the school, in the north parking lots and near the baseball fields. The loss is estimated around $1,750, Hollatz said.

At McDonald's, thieves cut into three poles, located on the west and south side of the restaurant's property. Hollatz did not have an estimate on that damage.

However, police have video of the thefts.

"We are looking at surveillance video as we speak," Hollatz said.

Due to the complex nature of the thefts, Hollatz believes the thieves have stolen copper wire in this manner more than once. Police are asking that anyone who may have seen something contact the Farmington Police Department by calling 911.