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Gunshot puts a hole in townhome wall
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news Farmington, 55024
Farmington Minnesota P.O. Box 192 / 312 Oak St. 55024

One Farmington resident found a bullet hole in their home. The neighbor went to jail for drug possession.

Charges of fifth degree drug possession and reckless charge of a firearm are pending against 22-year-old Bounma Xayachack of Farmington, who has been in custody in the Dakota County jail since March 21.


According to Farmington police chief Brian Lindquist, a resident living in a townhouse on the southeast section of Farmington called police around 9:30 p.m. Friday night to report they had found bullet holes in a wall and ceiling in their home.

Police responded to the home. Evidence at the scene indicated that "a projectile from a weapon had passed through the wall and ceiling" of the resident's home, Lindquist said. The holes passed through a joining wall between two townhouse units.

Officers went to the unit next door and attempted to make contact with any occupants inside. Through their efforts, police found evidence that led them to believe a search warrant was necessary to search the home.

Details of the search have not been made public since charges are still pending. Xayachack was taken into custody on drug and weapons charges Monday. His first scheduled court appearance was Wednesday.