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FES student Elijah Koudelka, 8, gets to use LEGOS as part of his classroom education.

LEGOS are used as a teaching tool in one Farmington Elementary classroom

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LEGOS. Everyone has had them, everyone has played with them at one time or another. But at Farmington Elementary School, LEGOS are also being used for educational purposes.


LEGOS are an everyday activity for the students in Sue McGill's classroom. The students spend some of their time building creations -- airplanes, rocket launchers, ships and just about everything else -- as part of their curriculum.

McGill and educational assistant Nick Davis encourage the students to build these new creations, too.

"All of them have such an incredible sense of imagination," McGill said.

But besides helping to expand their imaginations, McGill uses the LEGOS to teach things like cooperation, socializing skills, team building, and even fine-tuning motor skills.

In December, one of the creations was put on display in a showcase at FES. That was pretty cool, McGill said, because her students got a lot of positive recognition from their peers.

"I think it was an incredible boost to their self confidence," she said.

Ask the students if they would be willing to tear down their LEGO base, and the reactions are mixed -- two say they're not interested, one would like to try something different.

Though the teachers find there are subtle benefits in using the LEGOS as an educational tool, to the students, it's simply not that complicated.

"I have a very creative imagination," fourth grader David Paul Iung said. "LEGOS are so much fun."