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Letter: Are seniors less equal?

In 1982 the senior citizens of Farmington, under the very capable leadership of Mildred Jacobson, decided they needed a senior center. I don't know where they met before, however, they shared a space at some location. There were telephone calls, door to door visits for donations, posters made, committees formed and the thermometer in the window climbed.

Recenty, senior citizens once again by hard work, fundraisers and the work of many volunteers refurbished the old city hall into a senior center to be very proud of. Now the city council has talked about asking the center to move to some cramped quarters in the new city hall. Is this due to the fact that when the new city hall was built it was not designed properly and there is now a great deal of wasted space?

Our new Rambling River center is a place to be very proud of and is used by many seniors and organizations. It isn walking distance for many to come and enjoy a cup of coffee and treats, talk with friends, play games, use the fitness room and read in our comfortable library. We have taxes done there, voting, trips, free bread and many other activities too numerous to mention.

In 2001 my husband and I moved from Arkansas, his home state, to Minnesota, mine. Unfortunately, my husband had alzheimer's and I knew about the senior center, Red Oak Manor my family was here. Ray and I spent many happy hours at the center. At that time lunch was being served and it was a very social time for us. Ray was treated with respect and not made fun of, as can happen so many times. That was very important to me. In his 70s Ray's hair was black as it was when he was 18. His hair was always a subject of discussion; Do you dye it? It was always done in good fun, and he didn't dye it.

Now the powers that be might show us the door.

One of my favorite quotations is from an Animal Farm by George Owell. "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." I have seen this quote where animals have been changed to men.

In this case seniors are less equal.

Marvalene M. James,