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Letter: Burke should be reimbursed

To the editor,

I am disappointed in the school board's decision to not reimburse Mr. Burke for his legal fees. The investigation into his alleged behaviors and threat of legal action, I am sure, caused his family significant emotional distress as well as financial distress. That is abhorrent.

The whole scenario smelled of a witch hunt from the start, and it proved to be so.

Tera Lee says she does not want to start a precedent of paying legal fees for people within the district who are investigated and found innocent. Until this state adopts tort reform, in which the accuser pays all legal fees if the accused is found innocent, what is there to stop the unscrupulous from continuing their vendettas against him or others they don't like?

Mr. Burke is a watchdog for the taxpayer. He one of the first for this district. What a joy it was when he won this seat. I felt like I was finally represented, that there was someone finally on the side of the taxpayer on the school board.

I am certain many of his opinions are unpopular with the school district, the teachers and their union who, I believe, are more accustomed to having school board members be their lapdogs.

Julie McKnight and Julie Singewald as well as the other school board members who voted for this investigation squandered taxpayer dollars. And there are no consequences for them? They were able to cause another person emotional and financial distress and they walk off Scott free after wasting over $20,000 of taxpayer money? And all at no cost to them? Nothing out of their pockets??No sleepless nights?

What I would consider a good use of taxpayer money is to investigate Julie McKnight, Julie Singewald and the other school board members who voted for this investigation, for collusion with the teacher's union and the former superintendent to obstruct Mr. Burke's attempts to get public information and then trumped up charges to get Mr. Burke, a legally elected representative whose opinions and positions they disliked, off the school board in disgrace. Then they could continue their fantasyland spending sprees unchecked.

I think what McKnight, Singewald, et al did to Mr. Burke and his family is criminal and that should be investigated. It would be worth every penny.

Mary Rassmussen,