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Letter: Carpentier understands what makes schools successful

To the editor,

The upcoming Presidential elections have sparked my interest in the candidates on a national level, but I can't forget the local candidates who also make a difference in our everyday lives as well. One race I am particularly interested in is the Farmington School Board, I have two children in our school system and want the best for their future.

I had a chance to talk personally with Rob Carpentier and am impressed with his passion for our schools. Rob supports small classes and thinks that retaining our best teachers should be a high priority. If it's a choice between keeping teachers or technology, he would choose teachers. I completely agree. Technology can enhance education and our kids have to understand it and be comfortable using it to be successful. But it can't replace an amazing teacher who cares about them and motivates them. Rob is that kind of positive teacher.

Rob's experience as a teacher, varsity coach, curriculum director and on the administrative side of education make him very qualified for the school board. He is a supporter of arts and athletics. He understands the issues first-hand because of his involvement with schools. Rob is used to running a program and dealing with budgets as an athletic director. He also has plans to increase revenue by working with the city rather than making cuts.

With his experience and passion, Rob Carpentier has my vote. Please join me this November and vote for him as well.

Christy Wagner,