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Letter: Church will miss food shelf

To the editor,

Greetings to the community of Farmington. My name is Kevin Fox and I have been truly blest to serve in this community as the pastor of Faith United Methodist Church. 

As everyone knows by this point, the food shelf is moving to a new location. I wanted to express some of my reflections and feelings. As I write this, I truly feel myriad emotions as I grieve the relocation of the food shelf.  I have only served Faith Church for a year and a half, and in that time I have grown quite fond of the awesome women of the food shelf. I shall miss the opportunities of working with them to help carry food in and to help people bring food out. This past week I listened with greater appreciation and bittersweet sadness to the sounds of the shopping cart rolling down the hallway and knowing that soon this will all be gone. 

Tears came to my eyes. I know that the people of this congregation share these feelings and are sad to see the food shelf leaving us.

I give thanks to God for Imelda and all those women who have tirelessly and faithfully given to the ministry of compassion and care. I further give thanks for the respect of privacy that these women held. To Imelda and your team of volunteers I say that you are all precious jewels in the crown of this community. Thank you so much. We, the people of Faith Church, celebrate your growing ministry, your achievements, and we wish you well in your move.  To the new leadership, you have some big shoes to fill.

To the community of Farmington, we of Faith Church are very interested and are committed to continuing the spirit of the ministry of the food shelf. If there are ideas on how we can better serve this community, please let us know. We desire to be a transformative agent, to be an active participant in the building of a better Farmington.  May God bless our community and surrounding area, may God bless Farmington.

Pastor Kevin Fox,

Faith United Methodist Church