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Letter: City should not be in liquor business

To the editor,

The editorial of Oct. 10 presented a case for the city of Farmington to engage in liquor retail, namely that profits and promotional gifts benefit the city. I would offer a different take on the matter.

To put it in perspective, it appears to me that total profits represent something on the order of 1.5 percent of city revenue. Since the transfer of profits is directed to parks and recreation, the editorial argues that the city should stay in the liquor business.

But I fail to see the reason this one type of business should be the exception justifying government operation for city profit. How about a city restaurant? Floral shop? Gas sales? It’s an irrational stretch to task the city with retail operations of almost any type.

Our city officials are to be commended for their efforts to turn around a venture that was under-performing. But that doesn’t mean our city should remain in this business. Seems to me the ideal time to sell a business is when you have it running profitably. How about taking a fresh look at the mission of city government and eliminating an operation that doesn’t fit?

Jerry Rich,