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Letter: Cordes asks for voters' support in school board race

To the editor,

An Open Letter to Farmington Residents:

Election Day is only a few days away. I am writing this letter to ask for your support in my campaign for school board.

I want to make Farmington a great school district, a district of choice for not only current Farmington residents but future families and students from neighboring communities. To become great we need to offer our students an unmatched educational experience, and this involves continual updates to the curriculum and individualized methods of delivery. If we deliver practical and interesting content to our students, they will discover their passions, enjoy learning, and ultimately we will start to see achievement levels increase. As your School Board member I will work to provide our students with a 21st century education.

I want to provide our students with healthy class sizes. Even as we introduce technology into the classroom and work to individualize the delivery methods, nothing will replace the one-on-one interactions between a student and a teacher that lead to learning and growth. We need to maintain the district guidelines for class size and ensure that our students can receive that critical one-on-one time with their teacher, and as your school board member I will actively work to maintain reasonable class sizes.

I also want to make sure or school district is fiscally responsible. We need to make sure the revenue--your tax dollars--is being spent in all the right places. We need to maintain transparency in our spending habits and make sure as much of the revenues are going into the classroom as possible. I am committed to making sure that the burden on the taxpayer is not crippling but is reasonable. As your school board member I will be a steward of your tax dollars and will ensure transparency in our spending habits

I want to be your school board representative. I am committed to this community and its people. I will do what's right for you and what's right for our students. I will fight to provide an educational experience that will prepare our students for the next chapter in life, while still being fiscally responsible. I want to make our school district great -- we have the resources to do that; an accomplished administration, fantastic teachers and staff, committed parents, and students who are ready to learn; all we need is that extra push, and I can provide that.

I ask for your support on Nov. 6 so together we can make Farmington a great school district and a great community.

Jake Cordes,