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Letter: County acted slowly on pothole

How many of you who drive on 195th Street, aka Co. Rd. 64, west towards Flagstaff, have had to swerve into the eastbound lane to avoid the pothole by Meadowview Elementary School? Well, I made the choice to avoid a head-on collision on the evening of April 20 and hit the pothole, blowing out my right two tires and destroying my front wheel.

That night I called the county's emergency road hazard number and reported the hazard. The next day, the pothole was patched with tar. After a number of phone calls to Dakota County's transportation department inquiring about liability, she said transportation supervisors were aware of the pothole and had been watching it since March.

The person I spoke to said the law states the county has to respond within a reasonable amount of time (a week to a week and a half) to fix a problem. The county's position was that they did not show negligence by not patching the hole sooner. The underlying ground was just too muddy and they patched the area as soon as they could (coincidentally the next day). Prior to that, they did what they could by filling the hole with gravel and placing a cone there.

I am thankful that no one was hurt and that the pothole is somewhat patched. However, it is not the full width of the lane and it already shows tire wear in the gravel hole next to the patch. Please be careful, tell your young drivers to be careful. Better yet, call the transportation department and tell the county to do their job the right way and make that road safe for all drivers.

Pam Gantner,