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Letter: Dazzle Day caused problems

To the editor,

On Dec. 3, our son was married. The rings were purchased from Gerster's, the rehearsal dinner was catered by Pizza Man, and the reception was held at the Grand Hall Studio. Unfortunately, the Farmington Business Association decided, with no notice to the owner of the hall or the public that Oak Street would be closed between 2nd and 3rd for the Dazzle Days event. We learned of this after the owner ran into a fellow business owner at lunch on Friday. A guest at the reception, a downtown businessman, told us he was aware a street would be closed but was never told its location. Phone calls with the organizers and the police department did not provide relief, although the wedding party got a free wagon ride.

As a result of the decision to block Oak Street, over 25 parking spaces were lost and 100 out-of-town guests were forced to find alternative parking in an unfamiliar town and navigate unshoveled sidewalks.

Obviously, we support Farmington businesses but are disappointed that there was no consideration for their members by the association. A phone call to the Grand Hall would have alerted them to the event scheduled so that accommodations could be made. With adequate notice, guests would have been provided with information on alternative parking. Perhaps permits could have been issued to allow elderly/handicapped guests to park closer to the entry. We were left to fend for ourselves.

The Grand Hall Studio is a beautifully restored facility. Its owner deserves to be treated better. It's hard enough to run a business without the local committee working against you.

To the Farmington Business Association, you lost sight of the customer by making decisions that only benefited your organization. Hopefully, situations such as this will not happen in the future.

Mark and Pam Wood,