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Letter to the editor: Cordes knows what is good for Farmington

To the editor,

Jake Cordes is my nephew. That means I have known him for a long time. His entire life. And I'm not supporting him in his candidacy for school board only because he is my nephew, but because he cares for this district.

Whenever my daughters start a new school year, Jake always comes by to help them get ready for the school year. He reassures them that they have a great slate of teachers and lets them know what to expect for the coming school year. He not only wants my daughters to get a great education but he wants every student to get a great education, and that is why he is running for the school board.

Jake has always been a hard worker and he has always cared about this community. I know he will do a good job on the school board. He wants to make sure our kids receive a great education and are ready for the next step in life, whether that is offering more Advanced Placement and College in the Schools classes or offering classes that teach skills that will be useful in the workplace. Jake wants people to think of Farmington when they think about the great school districts across the state.

He also wants to make sure that our taxes are being used wisely. In these tough economic times, we need someone who will be cost effective while still delivering a quality education. Jake will make sure our taxes are being used on the right things and keep working on lowering the tax burden on Farmington residents.

Jake Cordes knows what is good for Farmington, and that is why I support him for school board and that is why you should too.

Stacy Bauer,