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Letter to the editor: Cordes wants what is best for Farmington students

To the editor,

I am writing to express my support for Jake Cordes in his race for Farmington School Board. Jake has been a good friend for several years, and all the time I have known him he has been an advocate for this community. Jake wants to offer our students the greatest education they can have all the while keeping a lean budget.

Jake knows what is good for this community. He has lived here his entire life and has experienced the ups and downs Farmington has faced. Only a few years ago, he was in the classroom and he knows what the school district does successfully and what they need to improve on.

He is the only candidate that has lived his entire life in Farmington and the only candidate to have recent first-hand experience as a student, and it is this unique perspective that will make him an asset on the school board.

Jake also wants to provide our children with the best education possible. He is a supporter of integrating technology in the classroom so teachers can deliver their content in the most effective way possible. He also believes that with individualized learning, the content can be catered to each student's individual learning style. Jake believes that we can utilize technology to continue to improve upon our students' academic achievement and Farmington can become the envy of other school districts across the state.

As a parent of three children, I want to make sure that each of my children has a unique learning experience and receives the best education to have a successful future, and I know that the initiatives Jake supports will ensure this.

In addition to offering the best education, Jake wants to make sure we are living within our means as a school district. He will continue to make sure that the tax burden on each family is not overwhelming, and he will make sure that our tax dollars are not being mismanaged and are being directed to the right places. As a tax payer and small business owner, I want to make sure that my tax dollars are being used responsibly and going to the right places, and I know Jake will do this.

Jake has the vision for the future of Farmington, that is why I support him for Farmington School Board and that is why I encourage everyone to join me in supporting him in November.

Shannon Shirley,