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Letter to the editor: Cordes will raise the bar in Farmington schools

To the editor,

I have never written a public letter to support a candidate, but I feel obligated to support Jake Cordes for the Farmington School Board.

I have gotten to know Jake over the past three years and he continually supports the Farmington schools by participating in activities -- whether it be sporting events or fundraisers, Jake is there.

I have seen all the negative press this school board has had in the past and it is time for some fresh, new candidates like Jake Cordes, to do what elected officials are supposed to do:

Making sure our kids get a 21st century education.

Be fiscally responsible.

Making sure our kids are properly prepared for their future whether it is college, vocational schools, military or entering the job force.

Making Farmington Schools the envy of other Minnesota schools by providing our kids with the most updated text books, electronic media and top notch faculty.

The Farmington School District is a leader today. Vote for Jake Cordes and he will raise the bar even higher than we have seen. Jake knows how to lead, and being a lifelong resident of Farmington, he knows what higher standards need to be achieved in our schools to make Farmington a true first class, enviable school district in Minnesota.

Jake Cordes is my choice. Please join me and vote for him.

Mike Kealy,