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Letter to the editor: Dakota County attorneys support Messerich for judge

To the editor,

I write in strong support of judge Kathryn Messerich's re-election effort. Judge Messerich has been endorsed by six county attorneys in the First Judicial District because she is an outstanding judge who is clearly worthy of retaining her seat on the bench.

I have worked closely with judge Messerich for the past several years as part of the Dakota County Adult Drug Court program. I have also overseen numerous other prosecutions which have been litigated before her since she first became a judge in 2004. Judge Messerich not only understands the importance of holding offenders accountable when it has been proven that they have broken the law, but also the importance of delivering justice in a manner that most effectively addresses the hope for their recovery and rehabilitation. She has always exhibited fairness and impartiality in the cases she presides over, coupled with compassion for the victims of crime. These are traits which are extremely important for any member of the bench.

Judge Messerich is exactly the type of hard-working, dedicated and experienced individual we need in this important elective office. I urge you to join me and my colleagues in Carver, Goodhue, LeSueur, McLeod and Scott counties in retaining Kathryn Messerich as a judge in the First Judicial District.

James Backstrom,

Dakota County Attorney