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Letter to the editor: Don't cut Rambling River Center

To the editor,

How sad that after the Rambling River Center's senior club paid off a five-year, $90,000 loan ahead of time that the city council would even suggest considering cuts at the Rambling River Center.

As far as cutting the $165,000-plus budget is concerned, how does that compare to the large salaries that some of city hall's employees earn?

The majority of Rambling River membership consists of citizens who have spent the majority of their lives here in the Farmington area contributing to the community, as well as being a generation who conservatively knew the values of knowing how to properly handle their money wisely, as compared to younger generations who have the "live now-pay later" attitude towards finances.

Our fine mayor, Todd Larson, is correct in that more emphasis should be concerted towards a senior membership drive and more fundraising efforts to help sustain the present Oak Street building's location.

One suggestion would be, to offer some activities that would include attracting members who are married couples (i.e., a monthly dining club where members would meet at neighboring restaurants).

As far as teen center is concerned, most of Farmington's teen population can participate in the wonderful activities that our excellent school district offers, such as sports, music, etc. To add special teen center activities would only incur more costs to the city of Farmington such as increased manpower supervision, insurance liabilities and perhaps drawing some of the wrong elements from other communities that may even be an increased burden to our Farmington Police Department's budget.

Mary Christensen, Sharon Kinard, Leone Tussing, Phylis Kirschner