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Letter to the editor: Farmington teachers' union endorses 3 in school board race

To the editor,

The Farmington Education Association has endorsed Eric Bartosh, incumbent Julie Singewald and John Guist for school board.

Mr. Bartosh has been a Farmington resident for 10 years and a teacher in ISD 196 for 13 years. Mr. Bartosh is a firm believer in all students participating in all-day kindergarten and early intervention programming. As a teacher, Mr. Bartosh knows what it's like to be in the classroom on a day-to-day basis. His enthusiasm is infectious along with his dedication to our students.

Mr. Guist is also enthusiastic. He has a unique perspective and wants to go beyond in-the-box thinking. He is excited about the strategic planning process our district is going through and wants our budget to reflect the goals we are striving to reach.

Ms Singewald understands the realities of being on the school board and the full scope of its responsibilities. We are also excited that she wants to pursue alternative forms of funding for our district. She wants to focus on how we can gain revenue for our district, not just cut.

We believe these candidates have strong attributes to bring to the school board and lead our district in the right direction -- one that is student centered and values our teachers and what they do in their classrooms every day.

Lynda Ihlan,

Atlantis Science Teacher

Boeckman Middle School

President, Farmington Education Association