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Letter to the editor: FHS athletes made a good impression

Last Saturday, Feb. 9, I told my kids (fourth, sixth and seventh graders) I'd take them to the local Pizza Ranch for supper. We don't go out for supper too often so they were extremely excited to go and eat there. When we pulled into the parking lot that evening we noticed a bus parked nearby. Well, as a lot of parents think when they see a bus, I was thinking, should we go in or not? I didn't want to disappoint my kids but, watching all of the students file into the restaurant, it wasn't looking good for the locals.

We decided to risk it. We opened the door just to be met by a sea of black and orange Farmington letterman's jackets. My kids looked at me with dread in their eyes but I said let's just wait and see how it goes. We got into the line and stood for a few moments and passed the time by trying to figure out what sport they were competing in (swim/dive team won out, but we never did find out) when some of the kids in front of us turned around and asked us if we would like to go ahead of them. I said, "No, we're fine. You guys stay with your team, but thank you for asking." I told my kids that that was pretty impressive for them to say that to us and that it showed good manners. Shortly after that an adult came up to me (not sure if he was a coach/parent/chaperone) and he said that we could go ahead of the team. That they had all the time in the world to eat and were in no hurry to get going.

Well, my kids were all over that.

So, he had us go to the front of the line and let us place our order and get on our way. There was also a Chaska woman with her parents right behind us that he also let go ahead of the team. We both looked at each other and said that was really nice of him to do that.

The team was seated all together in one of the rooms and you would have never known there was a large group of high schoolers eating there. When we were just about finished eating the students were already heading out of the restaurant and yelled a big thank you to the Pizza Ranch staff. It was really nice to see.

So, I just wanted to thank that Farmington team for the great example of good manners they showed us and set for my kids to follow in the future.

Cheri Lenzmeier,