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Letter to the editor: Kudos to police department

To the editor,

Earlier this year we were fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in the Farmington Citizens Police Academy. We wanted to write this letter to publicly express our thanks to chief Brian Lindquist and his staff for that opportunity, and also to relate what a great experience it was. The Farmington Police Department should definitely be commended for providing this quality experience to the citizens of our community.

The commitment and dedication of the officers on the department was obvious. However, what truly stood out was the level of training and expertise the officers have acquired in many areas that would normally only be found in much larger departments. It was truly amazing to see how well prepared and equipped our police department is in order to handle virtually any situation that may arise. We sincerely hope the city council will continue to support chief Lindquist and his dedicated team of men and women.

The citizens academy was an experience that was equal parts fun, informative and enlightening. Between the classroom and the "hands on" experience we received, we were able to get the merest glimpse of not only what it takes to be a police officer, but also what it has taken to develop a top flight local law enforcement agency.

Again, we would like to thank chief Brian Lindquist for the opportunity and the expertise he provided during our weeks of "training." We would also like to acknowledge and thank patrol officer Pete Zajac for filling in when chief Lindquist was unavailable, and all of the other officers that took time out of their schedules to make the citizens academy such a great experience. Most people will never have a need for direct contact with the local police. However, it is comforting to know that the citizens of Farmington can rest assured that if the need does arise, there is a team of men and women whose dedication, professionalism and commitment to service is second to none.

The Farmington Police Department will offer a citizen's academy in the summer of 2014 and we encourage anyone who is interested to apply. The experience offers a wonderful perspective.

Our officers also organize the annual Toys for Town drive to help make the holiday season special for children in our community. Toys for Town containers are located at over 19 community sites. Check the City News Guide or website for more information.

Steve and Heidi Cunningham,