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Letter to the editor: Leave senior center budget alone

To the editor,

I think the senior center and police departments budgets should be left alone. Both departments serve the population of this town in ways that simply cannot be looked at as a line item expenses.

The problem at it core is the annual capital expenses due to public works projects done in the 1990s, follow that by some personnel expenses that are out of line with the size of our community and personnel who do not implement recommended changes to their areas of responsibility.

I believe not everyone who pays taxes is against moderate tax increases as long as the money taken in is spent appropriately. This mantra also applies to the revenue generating operations controlled by the city, all of these operations should be looking at ways to increase revenue and curtail expenses.

In regards to the senior center the city has sold the naming rights of several rooms at the senior center to various individuals who contributed to its renovation. Will this money be returned to those individuals along with interest if you decide to move the center?

I also am concerned when I read that the seniors should do more fundraising to offset costs. Do we ask the parents of youth who enjoy the pool to fundraise or how about the parents who use our parks? Why stop at the senior citizens.

Additionally, the Dakota County Community Development Agency just invested in Farmington in the stalled Vermillion River project by way of building a senior living complex and if I recall correctly Trinity invested in an addition for seniors. Obviously these groups see Farmington as a desirable place to invest their money for the benefits of senior citizens, let's not close the door to future investments by killing the goose.

Please think these things through before you rattle the saber of reductions and relocation at our city employees and citizens.

Edgar Samuelson,