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Letter to the editor: Miss Farmington is looking for a successor

To the editor,

As the current Miss Farmington I am writing to encourage all eligible young women to participate in the 2013 Miss Farmington Scholarship Program.

I could not think of a better way to spend my senior year in Farmington than giving back to my community. The Miss Farmington Scholarship Program has given me the confidence to speak in front of large crowds, lead a group, and strike up conversations with complete strangers. Through this program I have met lifelong friends, made amazing memories, and been given the opportunity to further my education with a scholarship.

This year the scholarship is $2,000 for the queen and $1,700 for each princess. It makes me incredibly sad to know that so many wonderful candidates are passing up the opportunity to receive money for having fun while serving the community that has given so much to you. Please do not be one of those girls who gives up this opportunity of a lifetime. To apply please visit farmingtonroyalty. com/index.php/application and fill out the application! Hope to see you at the meet the candidates meeting at city hall!

Alexis Preese,


Alexis Preese is Miss Farmington 2012