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Letter to the editor: Pat Garofalo increased cost of home ownership

To the editor,

Representative Pat Garofalo recently chastised Democrats on Twitter for voting to change the home mortgage deductions back in 2009 that would have made wealthy Minnesotans pay a little more taxes. That 2009 bill was vetoed, which Pat was happy because in his words it "would increase the cost of home ownership."

Fast forward from then to the most recent legislative session, and what does Pat think happened to the cost of home ownership when he voted to eliminate the Homestead Credit for Minnesota homeowners. Didn't that vote "increase the cost of home ownership?"

But his vote didn't just affect wealthy people with giant mortgages who get to take a tax deduction for tens of thousands of dollars, his vote increase taxes on most of us right here in Farmington, even those who have paid off their mortgages, or those underwater on their $175,000 mortgage. Pat Garofalo increased the cost of home ownership!

Next time Pat or one of his supporters knocks on your door, ask why he raised taxes on us here in Farmington, instead of the wealthiest Minnesotans. And when you vote on Nov. 6, remember that Pat's opponent Jim Arlt is an independent, truly caring Christian, with a big heart, who has the integrity of a career cop serving his neighbors in the most honorable way. When you vote on Nov. 6, vote for Jim Arlt for Minnesota Representative in 58B.

Steve Quist,


Steve Quist is chair of the District 58B DFL