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Letter to the editor: Retired judge says Messerich is respected

To the editor,

I am writing this letter in support of the re-election of Kathryn Messerich to the office of district judge for the 1st Judicial District and to urge voters to retain her in this position.

I have known judge Messerich for many years and have had the privilege to serve with her on the district bench for nearly five years. She has earned not only the respect of those litigants and attorneys that have appeared before her but also that of her judicial peers. She has the background and legal experience that have enabled her to properly access and decide the cases that come before her. Her demeanor and judicial temperament are exceptional. Judge Messerich is a "family person" and knows how and when to exercise compassion or harshness as the case may dictate.

Judge Messerich should be re-elected on Nov. 6.

William Thuet

Retired Minnesota District Court Judge