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Letter to the editor: Reward offered for stolen laptop

To the editor,

It is with much sadness I write this letter.

We have enjoyed almost eight years of happiness living in the Farmington/ Empire Township area. Our grandchildren attend schools and participate in sports here, and we enjoy all the great things a small town has to offer. But that enjoyment was shattered in just a few hours on Saturday night when our house was broken into. A few people took our feeling of calm and sense of safety of living in a small town away from us when they went through every cupboard, closet and drawer in our home. To the people who did this I would like to say: you took a lot of things, but I need my laptop for work. Please turn it in and I will not press charges or ask any questions. In fact, I will give you $100. Or, if you have information about who has my Compaq laptop I will pay you the $100. Please contact me at or 612-816-2705 to collect your reward.

Debby Merritt,