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Letter to the editor: Shidor owner says good bye

To the editor:

Bittersweet. This is what we are feeling here at Shidor, The Second Hand Store.

Our landlord has made a business decision to make our current leased space into individual office spaces. It was not our will or intentions to close the doors of Shidor. We love it here and will miss having our store here.

I want to thank all of our customers who have supported us in the last three years and of course my wonderful volunteers. I would not have been able to run a successful business without you. And of course my family, who have supported me through this wonderful adventure. Thanks for your support.

As much as this is a mixture of pain, I am very sad to have to close my doors. I'm finding God has a new place for me and in God's world I feel I am getting a promotion in order to help fulfill his kingdom.

Thank you, and I will miss being your one-stop shop here in Farmington.

Michelle Overbey,