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Letter to the editor: Student's actions were 'disgraceful'

To the editor,

After witnessing what went on at the Farmington boy's hockey game on Feb. 12 I need to give my opinion. I do not think I have ever been more appalled or disgusted at a high school event. I do not know what was more disgraceful:

1) The selfish actions of this "child"

2) That is was condoned by his parents

3) That students cheered him as he left the ice

4) That this "child" went on social media to justify his actions

5) All the above

There is no excuse for these actions. It is a privilege to participate in high school sports not a right. What are the life lessons we are teaching our kids that this is acceptable behavior. What happens when we disagree with our bosses? Do you flip them off and leave to the cheers of your co-workers? It is obvious this "child" has no understanding on how to deal with conflict. There was no consideration given to his teammates, coaches, and the whole community. Disgusting. I was a member of the Farmington school board for five years and dealt with a lot of bad choices by kids. Never was it this distasteful.

This "child" had choices 1) Talk to the coaches as adults 2) Work harder 3) quit 4) stop more pucks. There is nothing anybody could say to me that justifies these actions.

This "child," his parents, and anybody that condones this behavior should be embarrassed. My children have been taught and coached by this coaching staff and you will not find better educators in any district. As parents, just because we disagree with a power play system, line combinations etc. that does not make him a bad coach. There are many different styles and systems out there. Nobody thought that Herb Brooks' system was the right one win the gold medal. I think they were wrong. We should be concerned that there is respect and fairness. You must remember that when our kids receive their high school diploma, 97.3 percent of them have completed their athletic careers.

Dan Privette,