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Letter to the editor: Support for Laura Beem in board race

To the editor,

Nov. 6 is fast approaching and along with it comes the excitement of elections. An election to any office, whether it's a presidential election or school board, gives all of us the opportunity to exercise our right to vote. An opportunity to make our voices heard by supporting the candidates that reflect our opinions on important issues facing us as a community. That being said, it is imperative to know who you are voting for and what they believe in.

Laura Beem is running for a seat on the Farmington School Board. District 192 would be lucky to have her! Laura's experience may not be in the political arena and, honestly, for that I am thankful. I am talking about her experiences in the arena of life.

Laura has more than 20 years of accounting, finance and budgeting experience. She is a dedicated mom, wife and friend. Laura is extremely involved in the school setting, being a past PTP president, ongoing volunteer and active voice for the need for smaller class sizes. Laura is passionate about her kids, and ours, getting the very best education possible, while realizing the necessity of fiscal responsibility and budgeting.

I consider voting to be a privilege and a duty as an America. It will be my privilege to vote for Laura Beem for the Farmington School Board. Join me, won't you?

Traci Cywinski,