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Letter to the editor: Who not to vote for

To the editor,

I want to thank the teacher's union for endorsing their candidates for the Farmington School Board -- Julie Singwald, Eric Bartosh, and John Guist.

Now I know who not to vote for.

I want to remind Farmington taxpayers that Julie Singwald, along with another school board member, needlessly and recklessly spent and wasted $20,000 of taxpayers' money on a witch hunt to eject a fellow board member.

In all appearances -- as for some reason, the taxpayer is barred from ever knowing the facts even though we had to foot the bill -- she and her partner simply did not like his ideology. He was the one significantly conservative board member and "watchdog" for the taxpayer on the school board at thattime.

Also, in viewing the school board video as Brad Meeks, former superintendent, is resigning Feb. 28, 2011, Julie Singwald is sobbing on camera. Her severe distress at his resignation tells me she has become enmeshed with the administration and teachers' union and is no longer able to be objective in representing the taxpayers' interests to the school district.

Mary Rassmussen,