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Letter: Garofalo didn't support local government

Being a local township official I have made it a practice to watch the state legislature, and their lawmaking, as it pertains to local governments. I was worried this last session when House File 389 was introduced.

House File 389 would have weakened local governments by stopping the ability of that local government from imposing a moratorium. The power of a moratorium allows the local government to put a temporary freeze on a major development when the community is caught off guard by unanticipated and potentially harmful proposals. Some potentially harmful proposals could be frac sand mines, large factory farms, quarries and big box stores like Wal-Mart.

I was dismayed when Rep. Garofalo voted in favor of HF 389 weakening local governments, even though he has espoused being pro local government. He voted for large corporations over the needs of his constituents.

He will not get my vote this year.

Larry Odegard,