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Letter: Kline's claims are laughable

My response to Rep. John Kline's article, "Business regulations are a burden," is rural Minnesota laughter. Our esteemed Representative returns home (was Minnesota ever really his home) to try to pull the wool over the eyes of all us country folks in the 2nd District. We know that he just voted for the jobs killing Korea-United States Free Trade Agreement, the largest trade deal since NAFTA. I'm really glad that he's fighting the good fight for Boeing, that made $9.7 billion in profit from 2008 to 2010, and got a net tax refund of $175 million over the same period. How about ending  the big oil and big gas tax breaks estimated at $80 billion? They seem to be doing pretty well now, and it sounds like gasoline may be back to $4/gal. by spring. This money could be used to help the poor Minnesota "job creators" that you want to champion. And before he bashes what he calls "Obamacare," he should cancel his cream puff Congressional Health Care plan and go out and try to find another private plan. Make sure that he informs them on any pre-existing conditions that he may have. Do you wonder why Congress has a 9 percent approval rating? Korean tennis shoes from Walmart for us and corporate welfare for his friends is not why we sent him to Washington. 

James R. Lewin,