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Letter: Louis Schmitz left a legacy in Farmington

To the editor,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Mr. Louis Schmitz for all he has done for my family and for all of Farmington.

When we first moved to Farmington in 1981, we had a substantial financial setback. My oldest son was 10 years old and we didn't want our kids to have to do without too much while we got back on our feet. I first met Louis when I went one late summer afternoon to check into the youth football program. I could manage the then-$5 fee, but was concerned about finding some affordable used equipment. Louis simply said, "Meet me at the practice fields the first day of football."

When we got to the fields, there he stood, car trunk open, with everything our son needed to play football. It was all used equipment, but one of the best gifts I, as a mom, have ever received. Before our personal situation improved enough, we also made a visit to Louis' basement for some hockey gear.

One time my son came home from an outdoor hockey practice (Louis always said outdoor practice was the best) and his feet were freezing. I asked him what happened and my son said that he had told Louis that his feet were cold and Louis told him to take of his skates and rub snow on his feet. I asked him in a rather surprised tone, "Did you do it?" He said yes, because Louis told him to.

All the kids trusted and loved Louis without questioning all through their youth sports years.

Louis was also famous for creating the best outdoor ice around. Many times he would be seen out in the middle of some very cold nights hand-flooding the rinks to perfection.

Louis cared about the kids, the people, the sports and the town of Farmington. He leaves a legacy that I believe needs to continue for his memory and for our futures. Maybe if we all care and try a little bit harder to find the time and pool our great ideas and resources we could come up with in Farmington we can move forward as he hoped.

Why? Simple. Because Louis told us to.

Paula Higgins,